What to Bring

* We provide all application forms needed for the CCW permit. When you leave the class, all you will need to do is put postage on the envelope and include a money order to the state police for the permit.

* You will be shooting no more than 15 feet from the targets. No bullseye, all you have to do is hit the target. Anyone can do it with just a little coaching.

* A safe and reliable handgun. No caliber restiction, but you should shoot what you intend to carry. If you are unsure what gun you need for concelead carry, wait until after the class to purchase one. You will have a better idea then of what gun you want. If you need to rent a handgun ($15.00, includes ammo), please call or email me before the course date. If you are unsure of your handguns reliability, I can inspect it before any range shooting.

* 36 rounds of factory ammo (no reloads please).

* Both Hearing and Eye Protection are required. I will provide ear plugs to those that need them.

* A copy of your drivers license, or Louisiana photo ID.

* If you have any physical or mental condition that could hamper your ability to safely handle a firearm, you must have your doctor fill out a medical form. I will provide the form.