Louisiana Concealed Carry Classes in Sabine Parish

Cost: $125.00 for the class, plus $125.00 ($62.50 if you are 65+ or $0 if prior military) to the state for a five year permit . A lifetime permit is available for $500.00 ($250.00 for seniors and $0 for a veterans). Also, if you have not lived in Louisiana for at least the past 15 years consecutively, you will have to pay another $50.00 for a background check in the other state you lived in. There will be a maximum number of 15 students per class, so register early. Classes will normally be scheduled on a Saturday. If you can’t take a scheduled class, we can teach you almost any time as long as I have four or more students. Contact me for details and times. Just call and I will try to schedule what will work best for you.

We accept cash, check. Sorry, no credit cards.

Length of Class: Aprox. 9 hours.

I am often asked, “Why would you want to carry a concealed weapon? Do you plan on shooting someone?”. I pray I will never have to shoot anyone, but I am prepared to if the need should arise. Almost weekly we hear of some nut randomly shooting people in public areas where no one was armed. If something like that happened in front of you, would you be prepared? Would you know what to do? I am not teaching you how to kill people, I am teaching how to save lives by stopping an imminent threat. After taking my class, you will have the knowledge and skills required to make intelligent decisions concerning self defense.

Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility. You have to be willing to shoot, and your reaction time must be both fast and sure. That is where my training will help prepare you. The only reason for pulling a gun should be to stop a deadly threat to you, or innocent people around you. Never should you ever pull your firearm as a show of force. You will scare everyone around, and almost surely you will be arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Call me at (318) 645-6969. If no one answers please leave message and I will call you back, or you can email me; spearce@pearcesgunshop.com